Tip: The Sumo Deadlift From Deficit

Build hip strength to boost your squat and deadlifting numbers with this accessory lift.

The sumo deadlift from deficit develops great levels of hip strength. Strong hips usually mean big numbers in primary lifts such as squats, power cleans, snatches, and deadlifts, not to mention help make an impression in your Thursday night Zumba class.

The sumo deadlift from deficit isn't discussed nearly enough as a tool used to increase strength in other lifts. Standing on plates increases the range of motion and makes the hip extensors work even harder.


  • Make sure your shins are right against the bar and that you externally rotate the hips (don't just "push your knees out").
  • Drop straight down keeping your chest up. A great cue I heard Dave Tate say is to "drop your nut sack directly on top of the bar."