Tip: The Second Toughest Pull-Up

Can't do a one-arm chin-up? You don't have to. Try these two variations.


Overload the Lats

Many lifters skip unilateral exercises for their lats. That's a mistake. Single-side exercises allow you to bypass the bilateral deficit and give you a unique stimulus.

Now, the one-arm chin-up is probably out of reach for most lifters, but you can still reap the benefits of unilateral training with this challenging exercise:

The 2/1 Pull-Up

  • Pull yourself up with two arms.
  • Slowly release one arm and lower yourself with the other.

These allow you to overload the eccentric/negative contraction of the lats. Do them enough and you'll be able to do a one-arm pull-up as well.

If you can't do 2/1 pull-ups yet, you can do this variation:

Half-Kneeling Single-Arm Pulldown

Add these to your program and get ready for some balanced new growth!

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