Tip: The Medball Tri-Set

Nail your abs, triceps and chest with this exercise combo you can do anywhere.

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Tri-sets let you to train several muscle groups back-to-back while allowing each muscle group to recover while you’re working another area. Not only is this a great way to build size and work capacity, it also helps maximize training time. Grab a 6-12 pound rubber medicine ball (well-inflated) and try this one.

Medicine Ball Tri-Set

  • A. Medicine Ball Walkout
  • B. Close Grip Push-Up on Medicine Ball
  • C. One-Arm Medicine Ball Plank
  1. When performing the walkout, roll the ball out in front of you as far as possible without letting your lower back to extend, or as far as possible without feeling discomfort in your lower back.
  2. For the close-grip push-ups, turn your hands outward so that your fingers point down towards the floor. Your elbows should be against your sides at the bottom of each push-up.
  3. On the one-arm plank, don’t allow your shoulders or hips to rotate, or your head or belly to sag towards the floor.

You can adjust the reps and plank-hold time based on your fitness level and goals.