Tip: The Dumbbell Hip Thrust

Most people do hip thrusts for glute strength, but they can also be used as a high-rep finisher. Bonus: It's a quick setup with a dumbbell.

The hip thrust can be used as a main lift to build strength and a great posterior chain, but also as an assistance exercise to finish up an already taxing lower-body workout.

Since using a dumbbell limits the amount of weight used, focus on maintaining a slower tempo and do more volume. I cue athletes to push the dumbbell toward their knees on the way down to ensure a full range of motion.

Jesse Irizarry is a former Division I strength and conditioning coach. For multiple years, he worked as the head strength coach for three conference-champion teams. Jesse is now the owner and head coach of JDI Barbell, one of New York City's only dedicated strength facilities, specializing in Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, and general strength and conditioning. Follow Jesse Irizarry on Facebook