Tip: How to Get Your First Standing Rollout

You probably have one of these things. Here's a clever way to work your way up to the most bad-ass variation.


The standing ab wheel rollout is the gold standard of abdominal strength. While you may not be strong enough (yet) to do it, building the requisite strength is easier than you think.

First, master the kneeling rollout. Once you can do 12 perfect, unbroken reps, you're ready for the ramp method.

Performing rollouts up a ramp greatly increases your mechanical advantage, allowing you to do the movement from a standing position with full range of motion.

Be sure to start with the ramp at a conservative height, then gradually work your way down by lowering the ramp's angle. Once you can do 8 reps at a given ramp height/angle, you're ready to progress by lowering the ramp. Simply repeat this process until you can do it on the ground.

This progression does take some time, but it's more than possible to get your first standing rollout with consistent practice. Be patient, enjoy the challenge, and build some incredibly strong abs along the way.

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Tanner Shuck is a former Division 1A football player and accomplished CrossFit athlete. He specializes in competitive fitness, with emphasis on training absolute and relative strength. Tanner is an online coach and personal trainer based out of Dubai, UAE. Follow on Instagram