Tip: Hang and Swing Destroyer Set

Stubborn rear delts? Punish them until they grow with this 100 rep drop set. Use partials at first, then full range on the last drop.

Finish your shoulder workout with a "destroyer" set of hang and swings. Lay face down on an incline bench and let the dumbbells hang down. Use a pair of heavy dumbbells and be sure to use wrist straps. Here's the rep scheme for the set:

  1. Do 60 reps with heavy dumbbells with the partial range of motion hang and swing.
  2. Drop the dumbbells when you hit 60 reps, and grab a weight that is half of what you did. Do another 30 reps of hang and swings.
  3. Drop the dumbbells and cut the weight in half again. On these do 10 reps, but come all the way up with a full range of motion, and flex your rear delts hard for 2 seconds on each rep.