Deadlift stalled out? One way to improve is by strengthening the sticking points of the movement. If your sticking point is off the ground instead of at the lockout, work on improving total body tension with this:

The Deadpull

This is a dead-stop deadlift to mid-shin, followed by a paused hold for 3-5 seconds before returning the bar to the ground. (Dead-stop means you rest the bar on the ground for a couple of seconds between each rep.) Since most lifters miss lifts off the ground, this reinforces perfect off-the-ground pulling position.

After your main lift, do 3-5 sets of 3-5 reps with 60-80% 1RM, resting about 120 seconds between sets. For variation, you can pause at mid-shin, below the base of the knee, or just above the knee.

Bonus: This lift builds insane strength and size in the erectors and quads.

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