Save your stretching for post-workout. This is when you want to hold stretches for a longer period of time while your muscles are still warm and receptive. These will help get rid of the kinks in your glutes and help prevent those kinks from cropping up again.

Glutes and Hips

Standing Pigeon Stretch

This is called the standing pigeon stretch. Place one leg across a box at a 90 degree angle. Press your opposite hip forward and rotate the hip that's on the box backward.

Hips and Hip Flexors

Lizard Lunge

Do the lizard lunge with external rotation. Place one foot in front of you so that your knee is behind your shin. Extend your opposite leg behind you. Roll to the outside of your foot and press your knee away from your body.

Hips and Thoracic Spine

Squat Hold with Reach Back

Do the squat hold with a reach back. Keeping your heels flat, squat down as deep as you can comfortably hold. While keeping you heels flat, reach one arm up as you try to touch your bicep to your ear.

Ankles and Calves

Ankle Stretch Using Resistance Band

Place a resistance band around your ankle and loop the other end around a fixture. Keep your heel flat as you push your knee forward so that it goes past your toes. The band will pull your shin backwards, creating a stretch in your ankle.

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