Tip: Do These 3 Heavy Movements or Stay Weak

Deadlifts, overhead presses, and farmer's walks are the most important exercises. Here's why.

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If you care about being strong then you must do these basic movement patterns:

  1. Picking heavy stuff up off the ground.
  2. Lifting heavy stuff overhead.
  3. Carrying heavy stuff for time or distance.

If your goal is strength and you're not doing these, well, good luck with that. Yes, deadlifts, overhead presses, and farmer's walks are really that important. And yes, squats and pull-ups are good too, but if you can't pull double bodyweight off the ground, press bodyweight overhead, and carry bodyweight for about 100 yards, work to reach those standards first and all your other goals will be that much easier to smash.

Dan John is an elite-level strength and weightlifting coach. He is also an All-American discus thrower, holds the American record in the Weight Pentathlon, and has competed at the highest levels of Olympic lifting and Highland Games. Follow Dan John on Facebook