Tip: Cheat Your Single-Leg Training

If you want to build muscle and reap the benefits of unilateral work, start out by doing it like this.

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The single-leg deadlift and rear-foot elevated split squat are two incredible exercises for developing strength, power, and muscle. Those who are looking to pack some muscle onto their legs often overlook these two movements because, well, they're hard.

It can take time to develop the balance, coordination, and proper technique to perform these exercises in the moderate to high rep ranges needed for muscle building. A lot of lifters understand the benefits of unilateral work, but after wobbling around with a few exercises and feeling inadequate, they give them up.

Simple Solution: Hang on to Something

By adding stability to the movement, you can focus solely on exhausting the muscles you're trying to grow without having to worry much about balance and coordination. Take a look:

Supported Rear-Foot Elevated Split Squat

Supported Single-Leg Deadlift

Add these supported variations to your program. They both offer a ton of benefits including core and single-leg stability, increased sports performance, and improved lower-body mobility.

Barry Vincent is a fitness, performance, and lifestyle coach based in Hamilton, Canada. A former fat kid, Barry now helps people improve their bodies and lives through gradual, sustainable improvements in their exercise and nutrition habits.

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