Tip: Avoid This Major Training Mistake

Want to get bigger and stronger? Then you're going to have to remove this bad habit from your life. Check it out.

Have you ever had this thought? "I'm doing X program and I'm getting great results. Hmm, maybe I should switch over to Y program and try it out."

Think about that for a minute. You're already getting good results, but you want to try something else... to see if you get good results? That makes no sense. How about you just stick to what's working and just make a minor change when progress comes to a halt?

Stop Program-Hopping!

Program-hopping is out of control these days. Why? Often it's an issue of emulation. People see some really jacked guy and of course they ask what his routine is. They say there are no secrets in lifting, but there are. Here's one of them:

Copying some other guy's training program will not make you look like him. Don't change the program that's already working for you because you've got a bad case of penis envy.

Most strong guys have something in common – they have great intuition about what works for them, and they'll use that as the foundation guiding their training for years and years on end. Six-time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates changed his routine a total of three times from the time he started bodybuilding. Three times. He found what worked for him and milked it for all it was worth until he was forced to make changes.

The Lesson

Don't program-hop if what you're doing is working. Find a set of very sound principles that work for you, then spend years building around them. That foundation is the wellspring from which you can draw in order to keep progressing.