The Lumberjack Squat

Exercise of the Week


Contrary to popular belief, the "lumberjack squat" isn't what people in the logging industry head off to do behind a large poplar tree after having a hearty breakfast of bran flakes.

Instead, it's a helluva' cool squatting movement that doesn't compress the spine.

Furthermore, if you've got a newbie under your wing, there's probably no better way to teach him proper squatting form. You simply can't do the movement unless you keep your chest puffed out and your lower back arched.

lumberjack squat

Simply place one business end of an Olympic bar smack-dab in a corner of the room (if you don't own the apparatus shown in the picture). Load up the opposite side with a plate or two, grasp the bar with both hands, and hoist it up to chin level.

Now, squat away!

To make it more challenging, try the double contraction method – that's where you squat down completely, bring yourself halfway up, squat all the way down again, and then stand up all the way. That's one rep.

Once you try this movement, we're pretty sure you'll want to make it a regular part of your squat program.