Testosterone: Jimmy, how's it going today?

Jimmy Pellechia:

T: Do you do any personal training or work with athletes?


T: How so?

T: Can you give us an example?

T: You do something called "Powerblast" training. Can you go into that?

T: No need to focus on isolating a bicep or calf muscle, huh?

T: They probably wouldn't do too well in sports such as mixed martial arts either.


T: Sounds pretty intense.


T: How big are they?

T: Not surprising, considering the way that you train works your entire body as one unit. With a bodybuilder every muscle looks separate from the other.

T: Wait, you don't feel that powerlifters are functional either?

T: Well, in real life you're not going to pause a weight or use techniques that make it harder to lift.

T: Really? What was your best bench press in competition?

T: Let's talk more about the controversy you've experienced.

T: People generally seem to fall into two categories when your name comes up. Either they're impressed with your accomplishments and get inspired, or they say you're cheating.

T: So what do you say to those that call your style of lifting bullshit?

T: Reminds me of a scene in the movie Gladiator where someone tells Maximus that if he wants his freedom, he has to win the crowd by entertaining them.

T: How do you compare the strength of the old time natural lifters to today's lifters that use steroids?


T: Let's get into your routine. Give us an idea of what your workout regimen looks like right now.


T: You work each muscle group once a week. How does that break down?


T: What do you do for legs?

T: What's your take on machines?


T: What do you think about training to failure?


T: Has your style of training resulted in injuries?


T: Interesting. Let's talk about your diet. How do you set that up?

T: Sounds like you just focus on the basics when it comes to food.

T: What do you generally do at your strength training exhibitions?

T: Sounds very impressive. Where can readers find more information on your seminars?

T:: Thanks a lot for taking the time to talk with us.