Shugart: I use that same line when talking about my penis. What's your opinion on that issue, doc?

Shugart: No, I mean the question about outside-the-gym cardio.

Shugart: I used to think sex was cardio, but my last girlfriend said it was more like a one-rep max. Bitch.

Okay, a couple of loaded questions: What's the best form of cardio and what's the ideal time to do cardio? Some say after training, others say in a separate session apart from weight training. What do you think?


Shugart: It's been said that athletes training for pure strength and power should probably do no cardio at all since cardiovascular exercise can interfere with strength development. Agree or disagree?

Shugart: Interesting point. Thib?


Shugart: Okay, a person is trying to lose fat. Should he do cardio first thing in the morning on an empty stomach?


Dr. Lowery:

Shugart: Since most people don't have the luxury of training twice per day, should cardio be done before or after their weight training workouts?

Shugart: Oh my gosh, you all agreed on something! Let's try another one: how much cardiovascular exercise is too much? Are there any signs?

Shugart: When does cardio cross the line, Don?

Shugart: Dr. Lowery, how about post-workout nutrition after a cardio-only training session? Any guidelines?

Dr. Lowery:

Shugart: True. Okay, let me close with another observation that perhaps sums all this up. It's interesting to talk about cardio timing, the best form of cardio etc., but for me, what it really comes down to is this: do something! Call it cardio, GPP, energy systems work, speed golf... whatever. Just move your body, get the ol' ticker pounding and break a sweat. A little cardio, when not taken to extremes, has a bevy of health benefits, plus you'll look better with your clothes off.

Thanks Christian, Don, Lonnie and Charles. It's been enlightening!