Arm Workout – Best Biceps Curls You're Not Doing

Two Strict Exercises for Big Arms

Arm Workout

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Your arm workout might be missing something. What is it? It's RESULTS. Many lifters just can't seem to build their biceps with standard curls. There's a reason for that: their other muscle groups are trying to help out.

If you're using lower-body assistance, involving the anterior delts (most common), or even getting momentum by hinging at the hips, your arms likely won't grow. Let's fix that.

Stricter Curls: A More Effective Arm Workout

Try these two quick and effective modifications to optimize your curl and get the most out of your arm training.

1. The Wall Biceps Curl

The wall curl is a great drill to combat several technical issues. First, there's immediate feedback and prevention of any upper-back motion. This means your curl is pure elbow flexion.

Make sure to keep your elbow and the back of the upper arm in constant contact with the wall. This will cause the anterior delt to act as a stabilizer rather than a prime mover.

2. The Biceps Curl With a Band

Use reactive neuromuscular training (RNT) to improve your biceps curl. If you want to create the right reaction, you need an opposite action. In this case, the band tries to pull your arm into flexion, and you must resist while doing the curl. The reaction you're looking for here is an isometric shoulder extension that stabilizes the joint and maximizes overall biceps usage.

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