Testosterone Nation: Mike, you had a reputation as a fighter when you were competing. Did you get into a lot of fights as a kid?

Mike Quinn:

T-Nation: What type of kid were you?


T-Nation: How did you get into training?

T-Nation: Were you already muscular?

T-Nation: When did you know you had a gift for bodybuilding?


T-Nation: How were you first introduced to steroids?


T-Nation: Is it fair to say that there was more emphasis back then on hard training and less on the drugs you took?

T-Nation: Do you think too many kids jump into using steroids these days without taking the time to build a natural base of size and strength?

T-Nation: You were always known as a very intense trainer. Did people get frightened or intimidated by you in the gym?


T-Nation: You also had the reputation of being bodybuilding's "bad boy." How did that come about?


T-Nation: You struggled with a recreational drug problem for several years, correct?

T-Nation: I assume you're on more traditional medications for it now, right?

T-Nation: When was the last time you really lost your temper or had any type of physical altercation?

T-Nation: How big do you stay these days anyway?

T-Nation: There was also an incident where you lost your gym over some dealings related to the mob, right?


T-Nation: So you never had anything to do with the Mafia?

T-Nation: Nice. Why did you stop competing?

T-Nation: Some people look at the pro's in the magazines and assume they're getting laid like NBA stars. Do the guys get a lot of different women?

T-Nation: That's the rumor for sure. Let's talk drugs. Can you explain, at least from your experience, what steroids do to your sex drive? And what happens to your mojo when the cycle is over?

T-Nation: So you think Test is bad news for just about everybody?

T-Nation: Did steroids make your temper worse?

T-Nation: How relevant to the average guy in the gym is a training article talking about what a top-ten Mr. Olympia competitor does?

T-Nation: In your experience, are most pro's experts on the subjects of training and nutrition?

T-Nation: What else are these guys doing that's dangerous?

T-Nation: Does it shock you to see how much the drug use has increased and become more complicated since the 80's? Would you consider it overkill?

T-Nation: In your day, I don't ever recall hearing about you guys needing gurus to get into shape. Why do you think the pro's today all seem to have them?

T-Nation: It seems like you and the other guys from the 80's had a lot of fun competing. Were you all friendly with each other?

T-Nation: What do you think about pro's trashing each other and threatening to kick each other's asses?

T-Nation: Out of all the men you competed with and met, who were the biggest gentlemen and who were the biggest jerks?

T-Nation: Are you still a fan of bodybuilding? If so, who are your favorite guys on the circuit today?

T-Nation: What are you up to these days?

T-Nation: The last time I spoke with you over a year ago, you were considering the Masters Olympia. Is that still a possibility or have you changed your mind about that?

T-Nation: If you were starting out in bodybuilding nowadays, would you still want to be a pro?

T-Nation: Thanks for the candid talk, Mike.