Yeah, I know, this is the main reason a lot of guys go to the gym in the first place. The problem is, women already have their guards up at the gym. Good-looking women in particular get hit on incessantly and, believe it or not, these women might actually be there to train.

So after an hour of sending the vibe toward your favorite gym hottie, she's already prepared for your inevitable approach. And she's highly likely – almost certain in fact – to send you running back to the pec dec with your tail between your legs.

Try This Instead

If you love to train, it makes sense that you might meet your ideal match at the gym since it gives you something in common. But it's all about the approach.

I'm no dating coach, but most men are so inept, I might as well be. Slow things down a little and (assuming she's not wearing headphones) simply initiate a bit of natural, casual conversation.

Ideally, this conversation won't be focused on her body or even training. Maybe just something mundane like, "Wow, it took me forever to find a parking spot. I wonder what's going on?" Or, "Did you hear anything about gym rates going up soon?"

Just find a natural subject for an initial (and brief) conversation, and then when you see her again you've got a bit of history to build from. Build up slowly. She might even begin to wonder why you haven't asked for her number yet. This is good. It shows that you're not too thirsty, too needy, or "one of those guys."

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