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NT Loops

From Amazon

Set includes two bands: 45 and 65 pounds of total resistance at full stretch. Proprietary Dura-Stretch technology.

Whether you're training at home or adding accommodating resistance to your big lifts at the gym, bands are a must-have accessory. Problem is, most latex bands have limited uses and they uncomfortably dig into your body. Standard bands can even wear out, lose elasticity, break, and snap the ever-lovin' shit out of you.

But not these bands. Designed by T Nation contributor Nick Tumminello, NT Loops are made of a practically bulletproof fabric. They're 3 inches wide so they won't pinch, cut into your body, or move around during training.

At 50 inches, these are the most versatile bands on the market. Throw this two-loop set into your Amazon cart and you'll be throwing them into your gym bag forever. – Chris Shugart


Fat Gripz

From Amazon

Made from a military-grade compound similar to heavy-duty rubber, 2.25" outer diameter.

You know the benefits of thick-grip training: activating more muscle fibers for faster growth, building strip-club-bouncer forearms, and of course strengthening your grip. You probably also know that thick barbells and dumbbells cost an arm, a leg, and at least one testicle.

Enter Fat Gripz. Just attach them to barbells, dumbbells, trap bars, cable handles and ropes, pull-up bars, or suspension trainers. Not only will you be challenged in a whole new way, you might even find that your bitchy elbows and shoulders will start to feel better. – Chris Shugart


YETI Rambler Stainless Steel Gallon Jug

From Amazon

Double-walled vacuum insulation, won't sweat. 18/8 stainless steel.

You people who carry around a plastic milk jug full of water look silly. And if you reuse that cheap jug, you may even be ingesting obesogens and mucking up your hormones. And you look silly. Did I mention that?

If you really need to be THAT hydrated, at least ditch the plastic jug and grab yourself one of these bad boys. Yeti is known for its premium, almost indestructible line of coolers and now they're getting into the drinkware market.

This big beast will keep your fluids ice cold (or piping hot) for hours. And if you drop a weight plate on it at the gym, it'll probably survive, stand back up, and punch you in the throat for being clumsy. – Chris Shugart


TRX All-in-One Suspension Training System

From Amazon

Includes suspension training strap, indoor/outdoor anchors, travel pouch, and a 35-page workout guide.

When Christian Thibaudeau was training a pro bodybuilder at the T Nation gym, we were surprised to see him pull out the TRX. Weren't these things just for grannies and people who train in their spare bedrooms? Nope. Turns out that anyone can benefit from the challenge of suspension training.

You can pretty much train your whole body with the versatile TRX. And unlike most of the other copycat suspension trainers on the market, the TRX is built for abuse and able to handle 350 pounds of resistance. So it's even good for fat powerlifters. Um, I mean STRONG powerlifters. – Chris Shugart


AmazonBasics High-Density Foam Roller

From Amazon

High-density foam roller with molded edges.

Way back in 2004, T Nation introduced meatheads to the foam roller. Since then, it's been used – and sometimes abused – by just about everyone who has ever stepped foot into a gym. Initial claims about foam rolling "breaking up scar tissue" have been dispelled, but it's still great for relieving tightness and speeding recovery after a workout.

These days, the foam roller market is huge. You can buy bumpy ones that look like off-road truck tires and even ones that vibrate. (Your girlfriend likes that one.) And you know what? None of that crap is necessary.

All you need is a firm (but not too firm) roller with a fairly smooth surface. No bumps or ridges or batteries required. This one from AmazonBasics is made from molded polypropylene to maintain shape and firmness with heavy use. We kinda like the red-flecked one because it looks like a crime scene, but other colors are available. – Chris Shugart