If you've been with "Testosterone Magazine" since the beginning, you know that we've posted a lot of controversial articles. We've aimed a flood light on areas that many would have preferred we'd left dark.

We're downright fond of these articles but feel that new readers often inadvertently sweep them under the rug. It's only natural, that with this being our 259th on-line issue, that people new to the site might not have had the luxury of time of going back and reading everything we've ever done. Hence this column. We're going to periodically resurrect articles that broke ground so that those who missed them the first time can enjoy them.

This installment was originally posted in issue 101. It's called "The Sex Cult of Venice Beach." It's about the alleged sexual habits of a tight-knit "cult" of fitness models, professional bodybuilders, and plain ol' horn dogs. While most of us at T-mag weren't really shocked or could even give a rat's patoot by its allegations of rampant homosexual behavior and promiscuous sex among bodybuilding celebs in general, it sure as hell shocked the average Muscle and Fitness readers in Kansas.

Here it is again, in all its smarmy glory.


T: How did this night begin for you?

T: What was the first thing to tip you off that this wasn't a typical party?

T: By now, you knew that this was a very different kind of party?

T: A friendly gesture, I'd say.

T: What on earth was this pornstar doing there in the middle of all of these bodybuilders?

T: Did you do anything with the four wild girls?

T: Out of curiosity, was it an equal ratio of men to women?

T: We've established that some of the men were top bodybuilders whom we all know. Were any of the women recognizable bodybuilders or fitness women?

T: Were these women who we'd suspect would be involved in something like this, or would we all think of them as sweet, innocent Pollyannas?

T: Unbelievable. Okay, let's back up a bit. You were invited to this party, even though they didn't know whether or not you'd be accepting of these types of activities? Doesn't that seem strange, even stupid, on their part?

T: What happened next?

T: I have to ask, in the age of AIDS, were these guys using condoms throughout all of this?

T: It must've been the weirdest night of your life.

T: You had no idea before that any of this was going on?

T: I'm curious to know what happened the next day and since. Have you run into any of them, and how have you handled it?


T: You never mentioned anything about Mushroom Dick before.


T: Are you worried that these people might figure out that you gave this interview?

T: What do you think that they'd do?

T: Do you think that, on a whole, they're afraid of being exposed?

T: Don't some of these people have a lot to lose if all of this came to light?

T: Do you think that it was wise for them to invite you and your friends, not knowing how receptive you'd be?

T: What would the fans of these pros think if they knew about this?

T: Hasn't there always been a big gay element associated with bodybuilding, particularly the Venice Beach scene?

T: What did the bodybuilders have to do in return?

T: Back to the party that you attended. The strange crosses, the snakes – it sounds like some kind of cult or religion. What was that all about?

T: How do you deal with seeing some of these people at the gym all of the time now?

T: Have you had any nightmares about that night?

T: Suppose that there was a video or pictures, and it ended up on the Internet. What do you think would happen to the pro bodybuilders who were there?

T: Do you think that these guys will ever get caught or exposed?

T: Would magazines print this, or would it be too outrageous?

T: If you'd been invited and had known what was planned to transpire, would you have gone?

T: What did you find most offensive?

T: Was it the gay sex in particular that bothered you?

T: Had there been no homosexual activity whatsoever, would you still have been shocked?

T: Would you have participated, in that case?


Since this interview was conducted, it seems that a gossip columnist for one of the top physique magazines has heard about the "cult" and is actively pursuing the story. Apparently, she's already printed a vague remark about a pro bodybuilder's wife partying with some of the contestants following a certain event. The truth, according to my source, is that the very famous pro bodybuilder and his girlfriend did, indeed, attend the party, but they were just as uncomfortable as him and his friends and never participated in any of the illicit activities.

This female journalist has been probing around the Venice gyms looking for information and has already approached at least two of the partygoers in her search. Unfortunately for her, they feigned ignorance and have spread the word that she's out to ruin the reputations of all involved. Everyone has been asked not to speak to her should she come to them. It's highly unlikely that she'll get her story.

However, as our source postulated, due to the lack of discretion that's employed by those who indulge in these bisexual orgies of muscular flesh and the sheer number of people involved, it's only a matter of time before this whole sordid story is exposed. At that point, the reaction will be similar to that of a rock being lifted to reveal the squirming worms, beetles, and larvae below. It will truly be a dark and humiliating day for the sport of bodybuilding and, surely, several of the men and women implicated in this scandal will be forever ostracized from the sport that once revered them.

When that day does come, don't take pity on them – they won't feel remorse for their actions. They reveled in each and every bit of flesh that they were able to suck, stroke, lick, penetrate, or be penetrated by. Like the players in all of our modern scandals, their only regret will be that they were caught. Don't be overly shocked when it all comes raining down. After all, our heroes are only flesh and blood, and the flesh is weak.