The Fahrenheit Girl

An Interview with Hot Jelena Abbou


Who's That Girl?!

You've seen the commercial. Man or woman, you probably couldn't take your eyes off the TV. The heat. The flames. The sweat.

And that model! Lean. Hard. Sexy. The epitome of a fit female. Her name is Jelena Abbou, but you may know her as The Fahrenheit Girl.

For years, we've been trying to convince females that weight training will enhance femininity, not detract from it. We did everything we could to spread the word about the positive relationship between women and weights. Turns out all we needed was Jelena. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a 30 second commercial is worth a few billion.

At 5'6" and 118 pounds, 28 year-old Jelena is redefining feminine muscle. It's about time. While the bodybuilding community was being soiled by steroid abusing she-males, the modeling world was equally damaged by anorexic waifs. Jelena is coming along at just the right time to set both communities straight.

Still, we're curious as to how the world will receive the first truly "buff" woman to appear in a Nationally televised commercial. It's definitely a roll of the dice, but we like the risk; we like the action.

Anyhow, we desperately wanted a reason to run more of her smokin' photos, so we called her up for an interview.

T-Nation: Where did you grow up, Jelena?

T-Nation: How did you first get into exercise and fitness?

T-Nation: You've made remarkable progress in only five years of serious training! Give us an overview of your weight training program.

T-Nation: How about cardio?


T-Nation: Let's jump to diet and nutrition. What does your diet look like?

T-Nation: Those carb rotation diets seem to be really catching on. What types of supplements do you use?

T-Nation: You're also a personal trainer, correct? What has this taught you?

T-Nation: You've also competed in figure and fitness model contests. What's the biggest challenge with these competitions?

T-Nation: Competing in high heals at single digit body fat can't be easy either! I know because I had too many Heinekens once and... nevermind. Now, many critics say that some fitness models are getting too big and even too shredded. Some look like female bodybuilders from the 1980's. What do you think?

T-Nation: Fair enough. What does the future hold for you? What are your goals?

T-Nation: Your Fahrenheit commercial is going to inspire a lot of females to get into the gym. It's also going to inspire those women already in the gym to step it up a notch. Any words of advice for them?

T-Nation: Where can T-Nation readers go to learn more about you?

T-Nation: Cool. Thanks for the chat, Jelena. We wish you the best!