This exercise attacks the triceps, inner chest, and spikes up major metabolic stress in your pecs for an everlasting pump. Try it as a finisher on upper-body day or chest day.

Use three kettlebells, preferably all the same size or two the same and one different. In the video, I use two 24 kg kettlebells and one 20 kg kettlebell.

How to Do It

  1. Set up three kettlebells in a triangle formation. The objective is to perform push-ups in three different positions for 5-10 reps at each position.
  2. The first position is with both hands on the top kettlebell, which feels like a dumbbell squeeze press.
  3. The second position is with your hands on two of the kettlebells.
  4. The last position is with your hands on the ground, performing push-ups with chest to the floor.

    Doing push-ups on kettlebells forces you to maintain tension in your body to keep stable. To add another level of difficulty, after doing push-ups on the ground, work your way back up to the top of the triangle.

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