In a "triple set" you combine the following:

  1. A heavy weight for low reps
  2. A moderate weight for medium reps
  3. A banded, full range of motion exercise for high reps

This combo hits all three things you want for your shoulders: strength, endurance, and mobility.

Shoulder Triple Set

  • 5 Close-grip dumbbell presses (heavy)
  • 10 Wide-grip dumbbell presses (moderate)
  • 20 Banded dislocates

For the close-grip dumbbell press, use a weight you can do for around 8 reps. For the wide-grip dumbbell press, use what you can do for around 15 reps with good form. If you can't do banded dislocates... you shouldn't be lifting dumbbells.

Do this for 5 sets and take note of the weights you use. Each time you do it try to go a little heavier.

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