Tip: The Overhead Squat

Overhead squats will improve your regular back squat technique and patterning.

Flaws in your squat technique will hold you back from progressing. Overhead squats can improve the squatting pattern and should be a regular part of your strength training program.

The overhead squat requires a more upright posture than the back squat and you're forced to execute the squatting pattern precisely, otherwise the bar would drop to the front or back.

Have a look at the video. You can see the high concentration level of the athlete and accurate execution.

Christian Bosse is a strength-and-conditioning specialist who has developed some of the world's strongest athletes. He prepared competitors for medal success at the Olympic Games in London (2012) and Rio (2016). Christian is currently working with athletes in preparation for the Olympic Games in Tokyo (2020). Follow Christian Bosse on Facebook