If you normally need a lot of rest between your barbell work, or if you generally feel out of shape, this dumbbell exercise combo is for you.

  1. With the dumbbells on the ground in front of you, go down into a push-up position by kicking your legs back.
  2. Then jump your legs forward and rise up with a hinge movement (think Romanian deadlift).
  3. Do a reverse lunge with both legs.
  4. Repeat.

There are two versions of this combo: one with the dumbbells placed in the regular hands-down position, and one with a hands-up position for the reverse lunge. The latter is more challenging. To make it harder, go faster or do it longer. If 30 seconds of this combo is too easy, try 45, 50, or 60 seconds. This isn't the time to go heavy.

Ideally you'd do the combo for time (30-60 seconds), and you'd perform several sets. This is perfect as a finisher. And it works well combined with other exercise combos that target the body in a different way. This would allow you to keep going hard for a longer time (3-5 minute rounds).

The main benefits? Increased work capacity, increased endurance, and fat loss.

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