Most people are going to miss their deadlift from off the floor, at the beginning of the pull, or right below the knees, before maximum hip torque can be harnessed. Lack of hamstring and glute strength is to blame for missing lifts off the floor and at mid-shin height, but before jumping into adding accessory work, make sure your technique focuses on two things:

  1. Getting set up quickly.
  2. Pushing your feet into the floor as hard as you can.

A quick set-up and rapid descent into the pull position carries a certain risk of speeding past an optimal set position. But if you're chasing a deadlift PR, chances are you've already put in thousands of reps to establish your ideal start position. If you've put in the work, then your set-up should be second nature and the risk is minimal.

The quick set-up allows you to take advantage of the stretch shortening cycle in your hip extensors, while the push through the floor allows you to achieve peak force production sooner in your lower body to help you grind through the lift better.

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