This is brutal work even though light weights are used. It's a long complex, so pay attention!

  • 8-10 reps: Incline dumbbell press, reverse grip
  • Max reps: Incline dumbbell press, regular grip (same weight)
  • Max reps: Push-up, feet elevated
  • Max reps: Flat dumbbell press, reverse grip (same weight)
  • Max reps: Flat dumbbell press, regular grip (same weight)
  • Max reps: Push-up

The reverse grip dumbbell press is a great way to hit the upper chest. For all the dumbbell pressing exercises in this medley, focus on squeezing/flexing the chest. Don't just lift the weights. Contract the pecs to make the weight go up. At the top of each rep give the pecs an extra squeeze – squeeze in while trying to touch the ceiling.

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