The Turkish get-up is a phenomenal exercise that enhances your shoulder and hip stability, and builds rotational strength. It also teaches you how to link full body movements while maintaining a strong torso.

Why Do It?

I love exercises that can also be used as assessments. Just by hitting the get-up you're instantly going to know if your core is "switched on" for want of a better phrase. If there was the slightest hint that your body wasn't at a level for good performance that day, the get-up will let you know... fast.

Get-Up Presses

With this variation, you're going to add one-arm presses at each stage of the movement on the way to the floor, then do a standard Turkish get-up on the way back up.

Adding presses into this movement forces you to stay in certain positions for longer, and let's face it, just holding planks is boring. Variety in your programming is one of the key ways to avoid injury. If you're only hitting the bench press and strict press, your shoulders are going to get pissed off.

Challenging the joint at different angles will keep your shoulders happier and also allow you to call upon them for that little bit of extra stability on one rep max day.

You can do multiple presses in each position or pause reps. It works with a dumbbell, kettlebell, or barbell. Give it a try before your next training session and pretty much anything else that day will feel much easier.

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