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Tip: 3 Shoulder Exercises You're Screwing Up

Well, probably. Double-check your form with these tips and videos.

Skinny Arm Cure

If you can complete this quick workout, you're a beast. Even if you can't, just TRYING to finish it will still build your arms!

Tip: The Light-Weight Strength Test

Can you pass this high-tension test of leg strength?

Tip: Bulgarian Split Squats... But Harder

Ramp up this staple exercise with a few simple tweaks. Here's how.

5 New Single-Leg Exercises for Gains

Most single-leg exercises require you to have the balance of a ballerina. That makes you have to use loads suited for a ballerina. Not these.

The 8 New Rules of Back Training

Get complete back development and prevent injuries. Here's how to ramp up your back workouts.

Tip: One Dumbbell, Big Quads

Have limited equipment? Here's how to build some meaty legs without a pile of 45s.

Tip: Strong Legs, No Back Squats

If regular squats are busting you up in bad way, try these two safe and effective alternatives. You'll still build big legs.

Flex Your Way To A Harder Body

Posing practice for non-bodybuilders? Yes. Here's how flexing can speed up muscle growth and even make you leaner and stronger.

Tip: The Hip Flexor Fix

Run like a cheetah and squat like a beast... pain-free. Here's what you need to do.

Tip: Drop the Bench Press

Here are two replacements that yield better chest-building results and a lot less joint pain.

Tip: Build A Bigger Upper Back With This Trick

If your back workout is taxing your arms more than your actual back, you've got a problem. Let's fix it.

Speed Kills, Sprinting Builds

Five reasons to start sprinting today, plus a 6-week plan to get you started.

Tip: The Do-Anywhere Quad Builder

Do this one at the gym, at home, or in front of your ex's house at midnight. (Okay, maybe not that last one.)

17 Pounds in 14 Workouts

Seventeen pounds of pure muscle gained in four weeks. Oh, and the workouts were under 13 minutes. Here's how.

Workout Music: When It Works, When It Doesn't

Music can increase performance... or kill it. Music can also boost recovery... or impede it. Here's what you need to know.

Tip: The Top Deadlift Variation

The standard barbell deadlift isn't the right fit for many people. Here's the alternative that's just as good.

6 Hamstring Exercises for the Home Lifter

Training out in the garage or in the spare bedroom with minimal equipment? This one's for you.

Tip: The Lat Exercise You Need

There's more to building lats than pull-ups and pulldowns. Here's the missing movement.

Tip: Two Ways to Squat Like a Sissy

And they both build muscle. Check our these proven exercises.

Tip: The #1 Exercise for Hamstring Strength

You probably can't even do it... but you can work your way up to doing it. Here's how.

Tip: Sprint Without Pulling a Hamstring

Sprinting is awesome. Pulling a hammie isn't. Here's exactly how to prevent that.

Tip: A Simple Fix for Better Pull-Ups

More muscle engagement, less shoulder pain. Sounds like a winner. Check it out.

8 Brand New Single-Leg Exercises

These brutal lifts will get you strong as hell and pack some meat on your legs... fast.

Tip: Two Safer Ways to Overhead Press

Build your shoulders and save your back with these clever lifts.