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Not the King of Exercises: Bench Press

Is the bench press right for you? Maybe. But maybe not. Here's what you need to know.

Tip: Master the Single-Leg RDL

Here's a great way to nail your posterior chain, no heavy barbell required.

Tip: Stay Mobile to Stay Big

Here's one mobility drill that every big lifter needs.

Ripped in 4 Weeks

Muscularity? Check. Leanness? Check. Now look better than your best in one month flat. Five pros tell you how.

Tip: The No-Machine Leg Extension

Pump up your quad development with this exercise that doesn't require a machine.

Tip: The Do-Anywhere Mobility Drill You Need

Keep your squat pretty and your knees and ankles happy. Do this simple drill anywhere.

Tip: The Exercise Layering Strategy

Make more progress with less boredom. Here's how.

Tip: Step Up Your Leg Gains

This is what your glutes, quads, and hams have been missing.

The Toughest Bodyweight Leg Exercise EVER

Get this into your workouts. It'll build your hamstrings, glutes, calves, and more. Bonus: You can do it anywhere.

Tip: L-Sits for Monsters

This core strength exercise works great... for little dudes. Here are two ways to make it work for bigger, taller folks.

Not the King of Exercises – Deadlifts

In love with the deadlift? Here's why you might want to think about doing some other exercise for your posterior chain.

Tip: Full ROM Abs

Nail every inch of your rectus abdominis with this full range-of-motion exercise.

Tip: Why You Need Ring Dips

Your garage needs a set of rings. Here's why.

The Full-Body Dumbbell Workout Program 2

Got a set of adjustable dumbbells? Here's your complete training plan.

Tip: Build Your Back, Fix Your Posture

This exercise will hit your back and mid-traps. Bonus: It'll also help with those hunched-over shoulders.

Tip: One Leg, Double the Gains

Nine unilateral challenges you've probably never tried before. Get ready for pain and gains.

Tip: Set-Rep Schemes for the Under-Equipped

Stuck at home with limited equipment? No prob! Here's how to get the most out of your workouts.

Core Training for the Fearless

Some silly trainers say these five exercises will damage your spine and ruin your aesthetics. They're wrong. Here's why.

Tip: The Cable Squat

Use it as a finisher or as a way to give your spine a break. Either way, your quads will love and hate you for it.

Tip: Suicide Push-Ups for Healthy Shoulders

Doing a lot of bodyweight training? These beat handstand push-ups. Here's why.

The Best Workout Plan For Natural Lifters

You're right: A drug-free lifter can't train like a juicer. Here's why, plus an all-new workout program designed to maximize natural muscle growth.

Tip: The Ab Rollout You Haven't Tried

This variation nails your core in a whole new way. Check it out.

The Best Damn Set for Muscle Growth

I've developed a lot of training methods to stimulate muscle growth, but this one might top them all. And all it takes is one set.

Tip: Fix a Weak Core with Specialty Squats

Build core stability and a stronger squat with these two challenging moves. Check 'em out.