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Tip: One Dumbbell, Two Hands – A New Way to Row

Bet you've never tried this one! Check it out.

Train Your Whole Body With One Dumbbell

Got one dumbbell or kettlebell? Here are four, full-body workouts from four great coaches.

Tip: Master the Kang Squat

Nail your quads and hammies with this little-known squat variation. Here are two ways to do it.

Tip: The 3 Best Rows For Growth

You don't need a fancy machine to build a big back. These simple variations will maximize size and strength.

Tip: The Shoulder Exercise You Haven't Tried

Build your shoulders, spare your joints. Try this alternative to the standard overhead press.

Gold School: Triceps So Big...

I'm thinking about great, big triceps. Triceps so thick that you'd have to rest them on a desk or chair to keep them from tiring your shoulders and elbows. What did these old-school guys do to get them?

Tip: Fix Your Posture. Finally.

You've heard the same advice for years, you've tried it, but you still slouch. Here's what'll finally help.

The 4 Ugliest Romanian Deadlift Mistakes

The RDL is awesome for posterior-chain strength. Fix these common mistakes and watch your gains skyrocket.

Tip: Test Your Metabolic Manhood

This challenging workout might just kill you. But what doesn't kill you... well, you know the rest.

The 5 Best Exercises You Aren't Doing

Get bigger and stronger. Here are the best exercises you've been missing out on.

Tip: Free Up Your Back Training

Certain attachments allow for more natural movement patterns for better gains and fewer pains.

Strength & Social Media: A Reality Check

Are you big and strong? Not according to the dumpster fire that is social media. Here's how to REALLY evaluate your gains.

Tip: The Lift Everyone Loves to Hate

Stop hating the sumo deadlift. Here's why it's awesome.

Tip: The Single-Leg Squat That Actually Works

One-legged squats are challenging, but they don't seem to build much muscle. This one will, according to science.

Tip: How to Get Your First Standing Rollout

You probably have one of these things. Here's a clever way to work your way up to the most bad-ass variation.

Tip: One Move for Unbreakable Shoulders

Trying to build your shoulders and traps? Make this your new go-to exercise.

Tip: The No-Cheat Row

Build your upper back and lats with the exercise you just can't cheat, no matter how hard you try.

Tip: How to Do Triple Threat Lunges

Reverse, forward, and walking lunges all in the same set? Yes. Here's how to do it.

Deltoid Detonation – 4 New Exercises

When your go-to shoulder exercises stop working, try these. Then get ready to buy some new T-shirts.

Tip: Strong Hamstrings, No Machines

Training at home? Here are two exercises requiring minimal equipment that get the job done.

The Ultimate Home Workout for Your Core

Build your abs and improve your posture with a workout you can do anywhere.

Tip: The Hybrid Deadlift

Reap the benefits of two different deadlift variations with this exercise. Check it out.

Tip: Nordic Regressions That'll Still Kill You

It's the bodyweight exercise that humbles even the strongest of lifters. Here's how to do one if you CAN'T do one.

Tip: 3 Exercises for a Guaranteed Bigger Bench

Up your poundage and take your bench press to a new level. Here's how.

Tip: Build Biceps With a Towel

Here's how to build arm size and brutal grip strength just about anywhere.