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Tip: The World's Toughest Sit-Up

Nail your abs like never before and keep your back healthy. Try this.

Real Core Training for Lifters

You can't lift heavy with a wet-noodle torso. Here's how to build the core strength you need. Side effect: great abs.

Tip: Build Glutes With One Dumbbell

You don't need 500 pounds of plates with this glute bridge variation. Check it out.

Tip: A New Way to Squat and Deadlift

Get all the benefits of single-leg training without having to fight for balance or use baby weights. Here's how.

Wide Delts & Strong Legs: No Gym Required

Build your shoulders and legs at home with just a single dumbbell. Here's how.

Tip: The Barbell Lateral Raise

Barbell? Yes. Try this for wider shoulders.

Tip: 3 Ab Exercises NOT for Newbies

Build pro-level abdominal strength with these advanced moves.

Tip: Master the Bodyweight Skull Crusher

Make your triceps strong as hell. No weights required.

How to Fix Shoulder Impingement

Stuck with cranky shoulders? Nope. Try this routine to get you back to pressing without irritation.

Tip: A Core Exercise So Hard You Might Fart

You have been warned. Still, this is a great move for abs. Take a look.

The 10 Rules of Building an Athletic Body

Follow these simple rules for a high-performance, bulletproof physique.

Tip: The Second Toughest Pull-Up

Can't do a one-arm chin-up? You don't have to. Try these two variations.

One Dumbbell, Tons of Gains

How would you train if you only had one dumbbell or kettlebell? If you're smart, you'd choose one of these four workouts.

Tip: The Obliques Builder

Nothing says core strength like a powerful pair of obliques. Here's how to get them.

Everything We Know About Rep Ranges is Wrong

One to 5 reps for strength, 8-12 for muscle, and 15 or more for muscular endurance, right? Not so fast. New info here.

Tip: The Move for Mid-Back Size

Hit this neglected area for fast back growth. Here's how.

Tip: The Two Most Effective Trap Exercises

Yoked yet? You will be. Try these moves.

Tip: Top 3 Exercises for Core & Obliques

Short on time? Do one of these heavy hitters.

Tip: How to Make Every Lift Better

To build a strong body, you need a solid foundation. Here's how to get it.

5 Reasons Your Progress Stalled Out

Can't reach your goals? Chances are it's because of one of these things.

Not the King of Exercises: Squats

Do standard squats always leave you banged up? If so, you might not have the right body type for it. Find out here.

Tip: The Back Work You're Missing

Save your spine, grow thicker mid traps, and make your back stronger than ever.

The 10 Hidden Principles of Muscle Growth

We discovered the fastest way to build high-performance muscle 47 years ago. And then we lost it. Luckily, that buried treasure has been found.

Tip: One Dumbbell, Two Hands – A New Way to Row

Bet you've never tried this one! Check it out.