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7 Gym Gadgets That Actually Work

We asked our pros and experts about their favorite workout tools and accessories. We got some surprising answers.

7 Exercises From Thib's Toolbox

Nothing beats the basic compound movements, but sometimes you need specialize or work around a problem. These exercises will help you out.

7 Dumb Things Lifters Argue About

Lifters spend way too much time arguing about things that don't matter that much. Here are seven things lifters should accept and just move on.

7 Coaches Give Their Number 1 Tip

We posed the following question to 7 coaches: "What one thing has made the biggest difference in your training when it comes to putting on muscle?" The answers varied enormously, but one of them might provide the clue you've been waiting for.

7 Cardio Drills That Don't Suck

Seven non-boring cardio variations to hopefully make your energy systems work a little more bearable.

7 Brutal New Upper Body Exercises

Chest, shoulders, and triceps stopped growing? Here are seven new ways to blast them.

7 Advanced Exercise Modifications

Accelerate hypertrophy with slight modifications to your staple exercises. Here are seven ways to do it.

7 Abused and Misused Training Methods

Exercises are tools. You've got to know how to use them properly. Here's a list of commonly misused ones.

7 Ab Exercises That Actually Work

Newsflash: Chances are, your "cutting edge" core-training program is a joke! Here's a logical way to a midsection that gets noticed.

  • Abs
  • 60 Seconds of Pain

    Try something new, experiment, mix it up, sometimes let her get on top and hold the riding crop... well, you know what we mean.

    6 Workout Mantras That Mostly Suck

    There's a kernel of truth in every training mantra. But there's also a kernel of crap. So let's break them down and toss out the trash.

    6 Weeks to Great Abs

    Most ab exercises are garbage. But do these 4 types of ab movements each workout and those babies will pop through.

    6 Weeks of Squatting Insanity

    A radical, painful approach to a bigger, better squat and a body forged in iron.

    6 Ways to Upgrade Your Back Workout

    These unique back exercises and form tweaks will help you build a bigger, stronger back. Guaranteed.

    6 Ways to Sprint Like A Champ

    You already know sprinting makes you powerful and lean. But if you're not fast, then is it really a sprint? Here's how to lift to get faster.

    6 Ways to Reach Your Genetic Potential

    Most people never maximize their genetic gifts when it comes to building muscle and strength. These six methods will change that.

    6 Ways to Lift Hard With Bad Knees

    You can have hinkey knees and still train hard. You just have to make a few adjustments to keep them happy. Here's how.

    6 Ways to Keep Getting Stronger

    Never stop making gains. Never hit a plateau. Never stop getting stronger. Here's how.

    6 Ways to Build Muscle Under 20 Minutes

    Most workouts take too much time and you get too little out of them. Here are 6 ways to make your workouts tougher and a lot more time efficient.

    6 Ways to Bring the Pain

    Increase time under tension and trigger new muscle growth with these six lethal combinations of compound and static exercises.

    6 Ways to be Like an Iron Yoda

    Make long-term progress in the gym while maintaining long-term sanity. Here’s how.

    6 Unstable Overhead Lifts for Quick Gains

    Doing these 6 exercises with unstable, osciallating objects challenges the nervous system, boosts athleticism, and triggers gains.

    6 Uncomfortable Thoughts About Exercise Form

    Experienced lifters and coaches know that exercise form is highly individual and highly goal dependent. Here's why.

    6 Truths About Squats

    Should you squat butt to calves? High bar or low bar? What about elevating the heels? Foot placement? Tempo? It's all here in this article.

    6 Tricks for a Sexy Squat

    How to improve your squat form and hit a new PR, even if you have bad levers.