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Tip: The Right Reps for the Right Equipment

Choose rep ranges like this to organize your training for better gains.

Tip: Strengthen Your Deep Core Muscles

A weak core makes you weak all over, and ab crunches aren't enough. Try this exercise.

4 Great Ab Exercises Nobody Does Right

These popular core exercises are highly effective... if you do them right. Not many people do. Check your form here.

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  • Tip: Front Squat Without Wrist Pain

    These two drills will improve your mobility so you can lift more weight comfortably and finally build some decent quads.

    How Not to Lose Your Gains

    We all have to take time off at some point. So how much size and strength will it cost you? Here's what science says.

    Tip: Find YOUR Perfect Squat, Not Someone Else's

    Here's an easy way to discover your perfect squat position.

    Tip: How to Build Period Strength

    Here's how women can use their menstrual cycles to boost muscle mass and get stronger.

    Tip: Touch 'n Go Deadlifts, EMOM

    This deadlift variation is often mistaken for cheating. It's not. Here's why, plus a great workout to try.

    What You Can Learn From Instagram Booty Chicks

    Glutes are all the rage on social media. But do the exercises we see actually work, or are they just part of the spectacle? Here's a breakdown.

    Tip: The 15 Second Core Workout

    If you can do this exercise for 15 seconds per set, you're pretty awesome. Check it out.

    Painful Advice Every Lifter Needs to Hear

    Listen up. The training and diet advice in this article will be tough to hear. It might even make you mad. But it will definitely make you better.

    Tip: The Craziest Looking Grip Strength Exercise

    Looks weird, but it's great for crushing strength and forearm size.

    Tip: Pros and Cons of CrossFit-Style Training

    Does it push you to train harder, or does it end up being a competition that hurts you in the long run?

    The Olympic Lifts Are Overrated

    Are you doing Olympic lifts to get bigger, stronger, and more explosive? You're probably wasting your time. Here's why.

    Tip: The Complete Guide to Ab Wheel Rollouts

    There are two correct ways to do this exercise, then there's the way most people do it. Know the difference.

    The Truth About Belts, Lifting Shoes, and Straps

    Do you use straps, Olympic lifting shoes, or a belt? Should you be using them? Here's how to know.

    Tip: The 10 x 1 Workout Program

    A new way to get stronger and master a lift.

    Tip: The Right and Wrong Way to Cable Crunch

    Wickedly effective ab exercise, if you're doing it correctly. You're probably not. Here's the definitive guide.

    Tip: The PPL Training Split

    If your goal is hypertrophy, this is one of the smartest splits to follow. Here's why and how to set it up.

    Tip: The New Cardio – Steady State Lifting

    Bored of steady state cardio? Tired of HIIT? Try steady state weight lifting to lose fat. Here's how to do it.

    Tip: A Very Different Way to Deadlift

    This combo exercise is a real ball-buster. In a fun way. Check it out.

    Tip: Train Your Deep Glutes

    The maximus gets all the attention, but don't forget the gluteus minimus and medius. Here's what to do.

    Tip: The Athlete's Back Exercise

    This row variation is a great back-builder, it's easy on the lower back, and it's highly functional for athletes. Check it out.

    5 Reasons You've Stopped Building Muscle

    Has your muscle growth slowed down or come to a complete standstill? Here's how to get growing again.

    Death to Strength Standards!

    The next time someone tells you that a person your size should be able to lift a certain amount, tell them to shove it. Here's why.