Testosterone: Tell us about yourself, Mike.

T-mag: So you're kinda a big wus, huh? Just kidding! Your whole family powerlifts, correct?

T-mag: You got kind of a late start in the sport, didn't you?

T-mag: Were you always a strong guy?

T-mag: Ever get interested in the bodybuilding side of things?

T-mag: Tell us a little about the Metal Militia.


T-mag: What's the Metal Militia training style?


T-mag: Some guys say not to even worry about shoulders because they're involved in so many other lifts already, but you really nail them directly, huh?


T-mag: What about other exercises?

T-mag: No leg training at all right now?

T-mag: You told me before the interview that you've never competed in a sport as cutthroat and political as powerlifting. Let's talk about that.


T-mag: What about all the controversy involving bench shirts?


T-mag: How about drugs?


T-mag: I hear a lot of guys putting down those lifters who use equipment. Seems to be a bitter controversy within powerlifting.


T-mag: We hear a lot about how many "natural" powerlifting competitions really aren't natural. Are people cheating?

T-mag: What 'roids do powerlifters prefer?

T-mag: What do they take, like a gram a week?

T-mag: What mistakes did you make in the beginning of your powerlifting career?

T-mag: What about the mental or psychological side to pushing big iron?

T-mag: Right now you weigh over 400 pounds. What does it take dietary-wise to keep you there?

T-mag: How many calories are you taking in?

T-mag: What about nutrition before a meet? Any interesting tips?

T-mag: Tell me, Mike, when a young guy comes into your gym and wants to lift the big iron, what mistakes is he typically making that you have to correct?


T-mag: Since this article is giving people a peak into top level powerlifting, tell us what you think all great powerlifters have in common.


T-mag: Besides setting a PR, what's the best part of powerlifting for you?

T-mag: Sounds good, Mike! Thanks for talking to us today.

For more info on Mike, the Metal Militia and Nazareth Barbell Club, visit NazarethBarbell.com.