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T-Nation: Thib, what's your take on the goal question? Does the full body vs. splits debate change when we're talking about athletes instead of bodybuilders?



Powerlifters/strength athletes:


OPTION 1 (More bodybuilding/muscle oriented)

OPTION 2 (More movements oriented)






T-Nation: Okay, let's move on. The most common criticism of total body training on our forums seems to go like this: As great as the benefits seem to be, no professional bodybuilders or fitness competitors are doing it! Sure, they're often drugged genetic mutants, but still, you'd think that if full body workouts were so great, you'd see less "back and biceps" days amongst the professionals. Comments?


Alan Calvert, from his First Course in Body-Building and Muscle-Developing Exercises, 1924: Total body

Mark Hamilton Berry, from his First Course in Physical Improvement and Muscle Developing Exercises, circa 1936: Total body

John Grimek in the 30's to 40's: Total body

Steve Reeves in the 40's: Total body

Harry Barton Paschall, The Bosco System of Progressive Physical Training, 1954: Total body

Joseph Curtis Hise and Peary Rader in the mid to late 50's: Total body

John McCallum, from his Keys to Progress series, circa the mid-1960s: Total body


T-Nation: What do you think, Chad?


T-Nation: If I ask another question, we'll be here for another four hours, so I'm cutting it off here, gents. There's steak and curvy companionship waiting. Let's go overindulge in both and let the T-Nation readers hash this out.

Maybe we didn't give them the answer, but we certainly gave them plenty to think about as it applies to their own training. Good 'nuf. Thanks!