Tip: Want Bigger Quads? Do High Reps.

There's a time to go big or go home, but not for quadriceps isolation. Here's why.

The world of sports gives compelling examples that high-lactate and high-rep quad training can produce excellent development.

Speed skaters, skiers, and cyclists all have one thing in common: Their sports all involve bouts of effort that go beyond a short 10-15 second burst. They use varying degrees of extensive amounts of time under tension and most athletes in each discipline have impressive legs to show for it.

The SAID (specific adaptation to imposed demands) principle states that if you repeatedly place a demand on a muscle group, it'll grow bigger and stronger to accommodate that demand. Of course, these big-legged athletes also use heavy weight training as part of the program, but bodybuilders would do well to emulate them by upping the reps while training quads, especially in isolation.

That means foregoing the paltry sets of 8 when using the leg extension machine or when going duck footed on the leg press or hack squat. Chase a pump with 12 to 20 reps and you'll see the gains.

The video shows Tom Platz and John Meadows clearly putting this idea to practice.