Tip: Use Isometrics to Boost Your Deadlift

Looks weird, works great! Here's how to do it.

Isometric training is often overlooked, especially with deadlifts. I dismissed it at first as inapplicable to traditional isotonic weight training, but I was wrong.

The good thing about using an isometric deadlift is that you can create maximum force at every segment of your lift, which is something that can never be duplicated as long as the bar is in motion.

There are a number of ways you can use this with the deadlift, depending on the setup of your gym. I like setting up an empty bar in a squat cage, with the pins situated at shin level, but above the bar instead of below it.

Pull the bar hard up into the pins, attempting to lift the entire squat cage off the ground (assuming you can't – make sure!). Hold for sets of 10-15 seconds, using 60-second breaks. Then move the pins up to a higher level and repeat. You can do this at nearly every part of the deadlift range of motion to strengthen the entire ROM.

If you don't have a squat cage, simply load a barbell on the ground to 150% of your 1RM – or to a weight you're certain you can't budge – and do the same thing.

Load that heavy barbell on some blocks or steps for a higher pulling position and repeat. Then use higher blocks or steps. You get the idea. Do it once a week, in addition to your regular deadlift workout.