Tip: Use Drop Sets to Get Better at Pull-Ups

Suck at pull-ups? Here's how to stop sucking, get stronger, and add enough volume to build muscle.

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We're much stronger doing chin-ups (palms facing you, narrower grip) than we are doing pull-ups (palms facing away, wider grip) because we have a better mechanical advantage in the arm position.

With this is mind, you can combine the two exercises into one drop set by beginning with the most difficult variation and progressively "working down" to the easiest version. As you fatigue, the exercises become easier, allowing you to continue to crank out high-quality reps.

Pull-Up Drop Set

  1. First do as many wide-grip, pronated pull-ups as possible with strict form.
  2. Without rest, switch to a chin-up grip (closer and supinated) and perform as many reps as you can.
  3. If you're looking to add even more volume, you can turn this into a triple drop set by tacking on a max rep set of band-assisted chin-ups at the end, after you've done the bodyweight chin-ups.