Tip: Use Bi-Phasic Stretching To Boost Gains

Recover faster from tough workouts and prepare your body to hit it hard again. Here's how.

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Do this on your next off day from the gym to boost recovery. Use both active dynamic oscillatory stretching with active static stretching to speed up the recovery process. It works by increasing lymphatic drainage and the clearance of byproducts and wastes from contractile tissue.

Bi-Phasic Stretching

  • Choose a position that lets you get an end-range stretch of the targeted tissue.
  • Start by oscillating in and out of end range for 30-60 seconds. These are small back and forth motions to extend the neural tone and resistance of the tissues being stretched to achieve a more extended end range.
  • Without taking the stretch off after the oscillation period has ended, you'll hold an end-range static stretch for 60-120 seconds.

Works Great For Pecs and Hip Flexors

This technique can be used for all muscle groups, but it works best with the anterior chain musculatures that are susceptible to chronic tightness such as the pecs and hip flexors.