Tip: Use 3-Second Descents for Biceps

Want arm growth? Extend the eccentric phase of biceps exercises. Just follow the guidelines here.

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Three-second descents work better on certain exercises than others, depending on the body part. For biceps, this method works on nearly everything. Here are some general guidelines for applying this technique to your biceps training. Watch the video to see how I do these with EZ-bar curls:

3-Second Descents for Biceps

Don't overdo these! As you know, the eccentric or lowering portion of the lift is where a lot of the muscle damage is created. Couple that with the fact that biceps are a small muscle group and you have a recipe for trouble if you perform this on all sets.


  • Use three-second descents on one exercise (3-4 sets) in the workout.
  • Use three-second descents on one SET of each exercise if you're using multiple exercises for biceps in a workout (still only 3-4 sets).
  • The best way to use this technique is with a basic exercise like barbell or dumbbell curls at the end of a workout when you already have a great biceps pump. You won't be able to use as much weight, but you'll feel the exercise like never before.