Tip: Up With Two, Down With One

Build more upper-body strength and size with this brutally tough training method.

The BANA 2:1 Chest Press

The "up with 2, down with 1" protocol, also known as bilateral-assisted negative accentuated training (BANA), produces incredible gains in functional strength and size.

You perform the concentric (lifting) phase of the lift with 2 limbs and the eccentric (lowering) phase with 1 limb, thereby providing greater eccentric overload during that negative movement.

This concept can be applied to dumbbell chest presses. The most weight I typically handle on incline dumbbell presses is a pair of 100s, but by using this 2:1 BANA method, I'm able to handle a 110-pound dumbbell, thereby providing greater eccentric overload.

Additionally, the level of core activation is inordinately high because the body struggles to control anti-rotation and maintain rotary stability.