Tip: Two Tips for Perfect Deadlifts

These simple cues will make your deadlift feel awesome, keep you safer, and help you pull more weight.

The best deadlifting cues help you lift heavier while making the movement safer. Give these two a shot.

1. Protect Your Armpits

The next time you deadlift, think about someone tickling your armpits. Your goal is to try to stop them without using your hands.

Armpit Position Deadlift

That means you should tighten up in general and pull your lats back. This will create tension in the lats, stabilize your spine, and help straighten the back into position.

2. Keep Your Head Neutral

Whether you're squatting, deadlifting, pressing, or pulling, keep your head neutral so that the body stays in the right position. In other words, don't try to look up or down.

Deadlift Head Position

With deadlifts, arching your neck too much makes you struggle to keep a neutral spine. By positioning the head correctly, you'll automatically fire the right muscles and maintain a safe posture.