Tip: Try Band Dips for Chest and Triceps

No dip stand? Or do regular dips just hurt your shoulders? This band variation is the solution to both problems.

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Do band dips if regular dips don't feel right. Dips are a staple exercise for most, but they can begin to wear on the shoulders of veteran lifters. And for some people, dips just never feel right.

But here's a decent compromise – band dips. Sure, these should probably be called "band decline presses" since you're pushing the load away from the body rather than pushing your body away from a fixed surface. However, they feel a lot like dips.

The main difference with bands is that tension is markedly reduced at the top of the movement, which spares the shoulder joints. But it still elicits a ton of pec and triceps activation at the bottom of the movement, so it's a win for those who can't safely perform dips.

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