Tip: Train Your Grip with a Kettlebell

Never drop the ball again... or the barbell. Here's a new way to build a crushing grip.

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The Kettlebell Pinch

The kettlebell pinch primarily trains the tendons in your fingers and muscles of the hand, which are often ignored in general grip training. It allows you to strengthen the tendons in the fingers to efficiently grab the bar when performing big lifts, or the ball in various sports. As a bonus, the KB pinch also boosts your wrist and forearm strength.

Kettlebell Pinch

It's simple. Just pick up a kettlebell by the body or ball, grip it, and try not to drop it. Make sure you evenly distribute your fingers around the kettlebell so you get a nice firm grip.

Kettlebell Pinch Farmer's Walk

Grab a single kettlebell or manageable pair of the kettlebells, hold them at your sides and start walking. Keep your chest out and shoulders back. Once you master the regular walks, add some external resistance like chains to make it tougher.

What Weight to Use

If you're an experienced lifter, try doing these with a 25-pound kettlebell or higher. But don't force it. Start with a lower weight to be on the safe side. Sure, it'll be easy at first (sort of), but with some practice you can move up to a heavier and thicker kettlebell. That's where the real fun begins.

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