Tip: Train Like a Strongman

You'll be surprised at how top strongmen competitors actually train. And if you want to get strong, you'll take a few notes. Check this out.

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If your main goal is to get strong, it makes sense to take a look at what the strongest men in the world are actually doing. Believe it or not, they're not just doing 1-rep maxes all the time. And they even do some cardio.

A study was conducted examining the training methods of strongman competitors. Until now no such study existed. Winwood et al. surveyed 167 strongmen from 20 different countries on a variety of training topics. This is pretty fascinating.

The Highlights

  • 66% of strongmen reported that the back squat was the most frequently performed type of squat. Front squats were often performed as well.
  • 88% of strongmen reported that the conventional deadlift was the most frequently performed type of deadlift. Partial deadlifts were popular too.
  • 80% of strongmen periodize their training and 83% use a training log.
  • 74% of strongmen perform hypertrophy (size) training, 97% of strongmen perform maximal strength work, 90% of strongmen perform power training, and 90% of strongmen perform aerobic/anaerobic conditioning.
  • 60% of strongmen perform dynamic effort squats and deadlifts (explosive reps with submaximal loads), 56% use elastic bands, and 38% use chains (accommodating resistance).
  • 88% of strongmen incorporate Olympic lifting into their arsenals with 78% performing the clean. The jerk, snatch, and high pull were frequently performed as well.
  • 54% of strongmen perform lower body plyometrics, 29% upper body plyometrics, and 20% ballistics (jump squat, bench throw etc.).
  • 55% of strongmen perform HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and 53% perform low intensity cardio.
  • 54% of strongmen competitors train with strongman implements once per week and 24% train with strongman implements twice per week.
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