Eccentric training is an excellent way to tap into those neglected fast-twitch fibers. Using any cable crunch as an example, take the cable further away from your shoulders (overhead) to increase the load via a longer lever arm. To reduce the load, bring your arms closer so your shoulders will shorten the lever arm.

By changing the cable position during a cable crunch (further from the torso on the way down) we can increase load in the eccentric or negative phase.

  • A1. Decline Eccentric Cable Crunch: 6-10
  • A2. Decline Crunch: As many good reps as possible

Do three rounds.

There should be a "peeling" of your spine as you come up and an unrolling as you come down (almost a crunch/sit-up hybrid). If you're not used to this type of training, your entire mid-section will feel these for days. You're welcome.

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