Tip: The Upper/Lower Split: Pros and Cons

This is a better option than the traditional bro-split you see many people using, but it does have its drawbacks. Info here.

Most commonly, this training split involves 4 workouts a week with each session dedicated to upper and lower-body training in alternating succession, like this:

  • Monday: Upper Body
  • Tuesday: Lower Body
  • Thursday: Upper Body
  • Friday: Lower Body


  • For most lifters, training each muscle group twice a week is much more effective than only once.
  • Many lifters enjoy the ability to give focused attention to a specific body region for an entire workout.


  • Twice a week may be less than optimal – especially for average to smaller guys who aren't yet in the 1200 club (300 bench, 400 squat, 500 deadlift).

Overall, this is a descent split, but there may be an even better way of organizing your training for the week. Check it out here: The Hybrid Split.