Tip: The Ultimate Upper-Body Primer

Do this CNS primer before upper-body training and you'll lift heavier, move better, and prevent injuries.

Explosive exercises and plyometrics are central nervous system (CNS) primers, and they can unlock your strength in the big lifts. If you're an athlete, they'll also increase your explosive performance and make you neurologically efficient. These moves will activate the muscles you're about to use, prepare your body for explosiveness, and reveal your true strength potential.

Whole Upper-Body Primer

If you're doing a full-body workout, or you're on an upper-body lower-body split, then this is for you.

Jack Combo + Explosive Medball Slam/Press Combo

  • A1. Twitchy jumping jacks, 2-3 reps
  • A2. Twitchy seal jacks, 2-3 reps
  • A3. Bent over medball press, 2-3 reps
  • A4. Overhead medball slam, 2-3 reps
  • Do 2-3 total supersets with 30-45 seconds rest between bouts.

How to Do It

Start with the jack combo, completing 2-3 reps of jumping jacks followed directly by seal jacks. We get the best of both worlds with the arm action in the horizontal plane of motion along with the vertical motion at the arms and shoulders.

Likewise, priming the bentover medball press first with 2-3 reps, followed by a more extended full-body slam with the overhead variation, will create a powerful stimulus for the nervous system. This is exactly what you want to cap off a dynamic warm-up sequence before training.

You're involving multiple variations of jacks and throws here. This forces you to be mentally checked-in. Each superset requires your full effort in order for the movements to be as explosive and smooth as possible. Find your rhythm!