The idea here is to boost volume by adding a lot of push-ups to the end of your chest workout. Like a whole lot of push-ups. To accomplish that, we'll add a band and use a form of Tabata training.

  1. Place a band about knee-height between a safety rack. Put the band under your hips. This will give you a light boost at the bottom of the movement.
  2. Do plyo push-ups so that your hands come off the ground slightly.
  3. Continue for 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, for 8 rounds. If you get too fatigued, transfer to regular push-ups.

This is also a great method to teach proper push-up form to beginners. The band will remind them to keep their hips up and prevent sagging backs. This is a better alternative than knee push-ups which don't promote structural integrity of the glutes throughout the movement.

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