Tip: The Two Paths to Strong, Sexy Glutes

An athletic butt requires two types of training. Here's what you need to know.

Building great glutes requires two paths:

  1. The progressive overload path
  2. The mind-muscle connection path

Basically, you want to get strong while feeling your glutes doing work.

Start off your lower body workout with an exercise that allows you to move big weights, such as a back squat, hip thrust, sumo deadlift, or leg press. Try to set personal records on a regular basis on these big lifts, for example a new 5 RM PR or a new 3 x 8 PR. Take ample rest between sets.

Then finish off with smaller movements such as dumbbell frog pumps (see video), knee-banded dumbbell glute bridges, or bodyweight back extensions and go for feel.

Dumbbell Frog Pump

Don't necessarily count reps but squeeze the glutes and focus on quality. Use higher reps on these with shorter rest periods. Combining these two methods will absolutely develop your glutes to their maximum potential.

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